About Us

Welcome to www.SalaamNamasteCanada.com (SNC), a community service venture managed by well know ethnic media person Akbar Herao.  SNC website has been established with a simple vision, 'To unleash the power of digital media to help and support community Businesses, Events and celebrate Canadian Ethnic diversity'.

Salaam Namaste Canada online Audio / Video Programs are one of the most popular shows in Canada within the South Asian community. SNC help and supports business publicity services for all the businesses. We can help and support your business on our Audio / Video programs & Social Media and also through our weekly e-Flyers. SNC has organized some of finest events in Canada to serve the community. We have a great team of volunteers and has a huge network of local and international artists.

We are extremely grateful to all our listeners, viewers and well-wishers for their great support. YOU are the reason that Salaam Namaste Canada Programs are one of the leading ethnic online programs within Canada for the forward-looking individuals and businesses.

Once again thanks for visiting www.salaamnamastecanada.com , The new wave in community service through digital partnership!


Akbar Herao - Founder & Volunteer

Akbar Herao is a Founder & Volunteer of www.SalaamNamasteCanada.com, A South Asian community service venture. Akbar has years of experience in Ethnic media; that includes hosting and directing Radio and TV shows, and also experienced in developing content for the ethnic communities within Canada. Akbar has worked voluntarily with some of the finest ethnic media companies in Canada, such as Chakde TV, Radio Sabrang & Radio Sursangam etc. He is extremely passionate about the freedom of speech in media, but also diligently working towards providing the content which respects and celebrates the pluralistic nature of Canadian societies.

Akbar Herao is also a very well-known speaker, who has delivered several speeches and lectures to the international institutes and organizations. Being an Ismaili Muslim, he is extremely passionate about volunteerism and firmly believes in the idea of giving back to the community. He regularly volunteers for community events and believes that www.SalaamNamasteCanada.com can be of great service to the South Asian Communities living in Canada.

Akbar Herao is an avid reader and a poet. He loves Urdu / Punjabi & Hindi poetry. He also likes to travel and loves to try the different ethnic food. He lives with his family in Calgary, Canada.